I Am Moving to Utah Next Year

I have lived in Southern California for most of my adult life, but I am making a huge change next year. My boyfriend is moving back to Utah to be closer to his family and he has asked me to go with him. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and let it happen.

People I know tell me that the environment is very different there, but I am up for a challenge. The last thing I want is to be so afraid of things that I am not familiar with that it allows the entire world to pass me by. I do not have any children, so it is not like I have other people who I have to be worried about.

Since I have never been to that state, I told him that we should go on vacation there next month when I get time off from work. This will give me a chance to get used to the area and acclimate myself to the change in environment. There is nothing worse than being unprepared, so this trip will give me a chance to get everything together. We will also have the opportunity to look at some property and see what neighborhood we would like to live in.

Hopefully, I will like the place and we can start making serious steps toward moving. I know that he has been looking forward to being back around his family, so I am more than happy to allow this to happen. Even if I am not really fond of the place, I will probably still give it a chance. I love him too much to allow him to leave and go back to Utah without me.