Utah Democrats to hold second convention to take up unfinished business

PROVO — Utah Democrats plan to hold another state convention this year to take up some unfinished business, namely adopting a party platform.

The need for the second session arose because so many delegates left after hours of voting on candidates at the June convention that there weren’t enough left to formally vote on the platform, constitution and bylaws.

"On our last convention, we didn’t officially adjourn," said Cristobal Villegas, Utah Democratic Party secretary. "It’s kind of like part two of the same convention."

After a long day of candidate speeches, waiting for hand-counted results and debates over numerous platform amendments, weary delegates left without agreeing on a platform.

The proposed platform includes statements on animal rights, climate change, education, health care, racism and religious freedom.

The convention is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 9, at Timpview High School, 3570 Timpview Drive.

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