Why Is Utah A Popular Tourist Destination?

Utah is a very popular tourist destination within the USA attracting visitors from all over the globe. One of the main reasons people visit Utah is to learn about the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City. Many of the sites owned and operated by the church in the city are open to the public and there are regular free guided tours offered to visitors. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see inside the famous LDS Temple, as it is only open to followers of the church.

Another reason lots of people visit the state of Utah each year is because the Wasatch Mountains are perfect for many popular winter sports, including Skiing and snowboarding. Those with very young children can go sledging on some of the shallow slopes within the ski resort. Buying a weekly ski pass is perhaps the cheapest way to enjoy the region. If you don’t own any skis or winter gear, you should be pleased to learn that it is possible to rent all the equipment you need to enjoy a winter vacation from the ski resort.

Salt Lake City has a lower than average crime rate for a metropolitan region and it is generally safe to walk around the city at night. Although over 70 percent of the residents are religious, the city still has an entertaining nightlife scene. There are a variety of sports bars, nightclubs, taverns and live music events to enjoy after dark. That said, alcohol licensing laws in the state are strict: you can only order a drink in a restaurant if you order food and most of the beer in the region is just 3.2% alcohol. However, there is a large party crowd in the city and it easy to have fun in the evening hours.